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If you need to add more prospects to a running campaign, you can always do that, even if the campaigns is already finished.

In order to add more prospects, enter the Prospecting section in the campaign where you would like to add a prospects. Click on Add prospect and select:

Once you add prospects, you will be able to browse through them on the prospecting stage and schedule them. Here you can find more information about the prospecting and scheduling.

Generating prospects

When you choose this option, the new prospects will be generated according to your previously selected targeting criteria. You can change and adjust the criteria in the Target tab on the top of the page. There you will be able to change Companies and People targeting criteria in the adequate tabs:


Once you adjust the target, or if there is no need to do that, you can just move on to generating prospects. You will be able to type in the requested number of prospects:

Important note: remember that our app will prevent you from contacting the same prospect twice! If you have generated a given prospect in one of your campaigns, they will not be generated again unless you manually delete them from the former campaign.

Adding prospects from a CSV file

Once you choose the option to add more prospects from a CSV file, you will be asked for uploading the file, and then the process will be exactly the same as by creating an import campaign. Please check this article in order to find more information about the process.


Adding prospects manually

Importing a CSV file to add only one person to your campaign may be a little too time-consuming. Luckily, you can easily add specific people to your outreach directly in the app.

Next, add the data for this person. The only mandatory field is the email address, but you should remember to add all custom fields used in this campaign and pick the right time zone. If you don't select the time zone, we will assign Pacific Standard Time to this person. Click Save to add your prospect.


You will see the added person on the list on the right side. You can add more leads or click done to go back to the Prospecting view.


NOTE: If the prospect you're trying to add is already on your account we will give you the right notification and allow you to transfer this person to the campaign you're working on. Remember to double check what was the communication sent previously and if it already ended.

NOTE 2: If you notice that someone can't be imported into our system, check out if their company or email address isn't blacklisted on your account. You can check that in Exclusions.

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