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The leads from Growbots can easily be exported to a CSV file. There are several ways of exporting your prospects:

Generating to export

If you only wish to generate the prospects and export them to a CSV file, without scheduling a campaign for them, click on the green button in the right top corner of the Dashboard to Create a new campaign. You can also do that in Campaigns view (Add new campaign).

Then choose the Export contacts option:


Define the companies and people targeting criteria and accept the prospects that you wish to export. You can read a great article on that here.

Exporting from a campaign

You might have already accepted your prospects and even contacted them with a sequence, but still want to get their data out of Growbots. It’s as simple as that. Just go to a specific campaign, mark the prospects you wish to export and click on Export button. The CSV file will be delivered to your e-mail.

Exporting from "My contacts" tab

The third way to export your prospects is going to My contacts section, where you can find all your prospects and pick which ones would you like to have exported in one file (even if they are from different campaigns). There you have to choose the prospects you wish to export (you can mark them all with one click) and then click on Export. The CSV will be sent to your e-mail as well.

Have fun with exporting!

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