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If your prospect responses via email, your campaign will automatically pause - no worries there! However, if you want to pause the campaign manually for one of the prospects or all of them, here you will find out how to do that. Except traditional pausing, there are a couple other actions that will result in pausing a campaign outgoing to certain prospects.

What else will pause your campaign


When someone shows interest through a phone call or other avenue, you will want to mark them as qualified. Once you do this (unqualifying works the same), the campaign will stop for this prospect or his whole company (if you choose to do so). See more details about qualifying and unqualifying here.


Archiving the campaign

When the campaign gets archived, all the messages scheduled in it will automatically get paused. Please check this article if you want to find out more about archiving.

Adding new messages to a running campaign

Once you add new message to a sequence which is being sent in an active campaign, the added message is not yet scheduled on any specific day to be sent. You need to reschedule the campaign in order to schedule the timeline along with the new message. Until then, the prospect which has received all the "old" messages and the new one is not yet scheduled for him, will have the status of Manually paused:


How to pause one prospect in a campaign

The best way to do this would to go to a certain campaign or My Prospects tab and search for your prospect. Then under Actions, hit Pause:


Here you can watch a video tutorial on how to do this.

How to pause a whole campaign

Just go to the Campaigns section of the app, scroll down to find the right campaign and click on Actions -> Pause

Alternatively, you can simply go into the campaign and you'll see the Pause campaign button on the right-hand side of the campaign summary:

How to pause all campaigns at once

If you want to pause all your outgoing messages without having to pause every campaign separately, please go to My prospects section and use the Step filter to find every prospect that is In progress. Then mark all the prospects and choose Actions -> Pause:


Resuming paused prospects

If you want to resume one prospect that's paused, or many of them (eg. the whole campaign), just mark all the prospects that you would like to resume (you can use the Step filter and choose Paused prospects) and choose Actions -> Reschedule:


Then you will have to choose the date on which the resumed messages should be sent, and voila - the campaign is back on the track!

NOTE: If you want to find out more about scheduling and rescheduling prospects, check this article.

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