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Multichannel strategy is about contacting your prospect via many different channels, such as email, LinkedIn and even phone calls. This way you can make sure that your cooperation offer reaches your prospect and seems more serious, since you certainly put much effort into it!

How can it be achieved in Growbots?

In Growbots, this strategy can be achieved through creating Tasks. Each time you add a task step to your sequence you'll see it in the Activity tab. It will require your action and a sequence will proceed to the next step only if you Mark it as done or Skip it. Thanks to the feature you can mix automated email outreach with some more manual steps like connecting on LinkedIn or phone calling the prospect.

If you choose the Call as a step, you’ll be able to request prospects' direct phone numbers in their logs. If there is no direct phone number provided in the prospects logs, you can try calling the headquarters office and ask to redirect your call to the prospect.


If you want to read more about the tasks, please check this article.

Successful sequence in a Multichannel strategy

Based on our knowledge, one way of using the tasks efficiently would be by using the following sequence:

Step 1 - Initial email - lead on with an email to briefly outline the value proposition and warm it up:

Hi X,

Just wanted to congratulate you on being listed as “One of the best companies to work with” by Forbes magazine! As a fellow CEO, I wanted to ask how do you automate the lead generation in your company?

Step 2 (the same day) - send a LinkedIn invite, with a short description of why a person should add you to their Network

Step 3 (next day or two days after) - a cold call saying "I'm following up on the email" (better than just "reaching out"). Remember that the purpose of the call is not to immediately sell the product but to schedule a meeting.

Step 4 (day after) - cold calling, send a follow-up email

Step 5 (the same day) - cold call a person (try another time of the day)

Step 6 (after a week) - send a follow-up email (add some social proof)

Step 7 (day after) -Cold call (try another time of the day)

Step 8 (after a week) - Send the last follow-up email (no "break up email" - instead try to add so much value in your last email, the prospect will be reluctant to ever delete it from their inbox -- you'll be top of mind then)

NOTE: While using this approach remember to keep your social profiles strong. All SDRs and sales reps should have up to date profiles since they will be in direct contact with the prospects.

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