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Tasks are steps in your sequences which are different from the usual automatic email. Thanks to adding more options and using different lines of communication, you'll be able to build more engaging and effective campaigns.

You can create and add tasks in the Sequence view. While adding a step to your sequence, you can decide whether you'd like to send and an automatic email, a manual email, make a call, connect on LinkedIn or create a custom action.

NOTE: Thanks to the tasks feature, you can apply the Multichannel strategy. In this article you can read more about it.

There are 4 different types of steps in a sequence apart from automatic emails:

Managing tasks

Once you select the task, you need to choose its due date. All tasks (unlike the automatic email) have to be marked as done (or skipped) by you manually in order to proceed with the campaign's next steps. Until you do that, the campaign will be paused and the prospects will have an Overdue task status.

You can see and manage all your scheduled tasks in the Activity tab. There you will be able to filter the tasks and select some of them in order to perform some actions on the chosen ones:


On the tasks list, you'll see all tasks with their dues dates, from the most urgent to the one with the most time left to complete. All overdue tasks will be highlighted in red. You can enter the task (to mark it as done) by clicking on the prospect's name. When you close one task, you'll be automatically moved to the next one. We're displaying only tasks which are the next step in a campaign. If you schedule a campaign with 2 different tasks, we'll show only the first one in this section. Of course, if you complete it, the next one will show up.

In order to help you manage your tasks on a daily basis, all tasks are kept active until midnight of the day they're scheduled for. If you have scheduled the next step for the same day (e.g. 2 hours later), the task will become overdue when the next step is due.

When the task becomes overdue, we will pause the entire sequence and change prospect's status to Overdue. All overdue tasks are displayed at the top of the list and are highlighted in red. When you mark the task as done, we will automatically reschedule the rest of the sequence.

To help you manage your task list, we added two options: skipping and rescheduling.

Thanks to the Skip option, you can easily move your sequence to the next step. It's particularly useful when you don't have the time for calls and would like to send the follow-up instead, or if the needed LinkedIn link is blank for the selected prospect. To skip a task, you need to enter it and select Skip. The sequence will move to the next step.


If you see too many tasks scheduled for one day, you can easily reschedule them in the task view.


The third option is marking task as done. By doing this you will be able to proceed with the next steps of the campaign (in the case of manual email tasks - marking them as done will send those messages out).

If you work in a bigger team, you can easily switch the task list to show only your activities.


Sending limits vs tasks

Sending limits aren't applied to tasks other than email. This means that you can have a lot of different tasks piled up for the same day. We're aware that you can't make 100 calls a day or send 1000 LinkedIn invites a day, and we're working on building a limiting system for tasks as well.

Email and Manual email

There are two types of emails that you can add to your campaigns. You can pick the type of the email when you select the type of the task.

The Email (automatic message) is a regular Growbots email which will be sent automatically at the selected time.

The manual email is an email which needs to be approved before we schedule it. What does it mean? When you schedule a manual email, we'll create a task for you. You'll need to enter the email and mark the task as done in order to send the email. This type of emails may be useful if you'd like to personalize your follow-ups for prospects who already opened your emails. You can simply approve emails for less engaged prospects by marking them as done, and personalize the ones for the prospects who clicked on links or just opened earlier messages.

The manual message can be sent only after your approval. We will still take into consideration the sending time criteria and your limits.


The next type of step is a call. The template for this task can include a call script with prospect's data - you can use custom fields here, and we'll add the correct data for each person.

When you enter your scheduled calls in the Tasks section, you'll see the special view for this task with the headquarters phone number, personal phone number and the result of the call to be updated by you.


If you don't see the prospect's personal phone number, you can click on the Request button. We will try to find a number for you, and you should be able to see it in no more than 20 seconds! If you'd like to request the number for imported prospect, we will need their first name and last name (not only email address).

You can mark the call as done only after you define the result of the call (you can also leave a note above it). First, pick if you were able to connect with the prospect. Here are all available results:


  • Interested

  • Not interested

  • Gave a demo

Not connected

  • Wrong number

  • Left voicemail

  • Not connected


LinkedIn outreach

LinkedIn task is a reminder for you to contact a prospect in LinkedIn. Right now, there is no way to integrate LinkedIn with Growbots, because of the specific LinkedIn instructions and regulations.

When you select connect on LinkedIn, you can write the template of your message, and later you can just copy it and paste in your LinkedIn invite.


When you open the task in the Tasks section, we'll display the template and the link to the prospect's LinkedIn. To make the process easier, you can click on Copy message to automatically copy the content of the message.


To-do is a custom task that can be anything you want (e.g. a notification to contact someone through your CRM, or to add him to some custom list etc.). You need to simply mark it as done (or skip it) to trigger the next steps of your sequence.


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