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Growbots + Asana: find all your tasks in one place
Growbots + Asana: find all your tasks in one place
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With many different tasks assigned for your every day, making sure you're up to speed with everything may be overwhelming. If you're using a task management app, your job is definitely much easier (or at least more organized). So why shouldn't you add tasks for campaigns or prospects? It makes sense to enrich your task list with all things you need to do on a specific day.

One of the events that would be good to track among your tasks are replies from your prospects. Thanks to adding them to your list of tasks, it will be easier for you to remember about replying to them and creating follow-up tasks. In our example, we used Asana, a popular to-do list platform.

You can connect Asana with Growbots using Zapier. If you haven't used Zapier before, check out our article for the first-time users.

NOTE: You can create similar tasks for your email address or any other application you use on regular basis (check out this article to find out more on that use case).

Growbots trigger

Start from adding the Trigger from Growbots.

  1. Pick Growbots as the Trigger App.

  2. Select the right trigger. We selected New Message Received to track all new replies and hit Continue.

  3. Choose your Growbots account from the picklist and select Continue.

  4. Next, Zapier will run a test to check if data is sent correctly. We’re sending our test data here so don’t worry if you see a campaign name or prospect that never showed up on your account. Just check if the data is in it's right positions (eg. if there is no email address in Prospect's City field) When you see the screen with the Sample, hit Continue and your Trigger will be successfully added.


NOTE: If you'd like to add tasks for any other data (like replies or unsubscribes), you can change the trigger for the integration and create your customized notification.

Now you need to decide where you would like to see the information about the link.

Asana action

  1. Add Asana as the Action App (you can find it in the search bar if it's not on available to pick). To connect Asana you don’t need the API key, you can simply log in.

  2. Pick the specific action you’d like to use. We decided to create a task whenever a prospect replies.

  3. After the test, you need to decide where you’d like to see your task, what its content will be and when it will be due. You can also assign the task to a specific person if your entire team uses Asana.

  4. Next, Zapier will send the sample data to Asana to test the entire integration. You can double check it by entering the right project.

  5. That’s it! You just need to name this Zap and turn it on.


This was just one example of many integrations that are possible with Zapier. There are many other integrations you can accomplish! We would love to hear what works for you! Please feel free to give us any feedback or ask for assistance.

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