Transferring prospects between campaigns
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All the prospects you reached out to fit the criteria you were looking for, yet they have not replied. We all have lots of duties and responsibilities, and so do your prospects. But don’t frown just yet! You can easily send another sequence to them after a while using one of our features - Transfer to another campaign. You can do this by:

Transferring from an active campaign

In order to do that, go to Campaigns and select a campaign in which you already have some contacted prospects, or go to My contacts tab if you want to transfer prospects settled in multiple campaigns.

You can either select one prospect, or transfer them in whole batches. You can select all the prospects that you want to transfer by clicking on the small checkbox on the left-hand sight for each of them, or just filter the prospects and mark all of them at once (if you want to read more about selecting and filtering prospects, please check this article). We usually recommend to transfer the prospects from To recycle tab - these are the prospects that have received all your messages, yet they haven't replied (these are the prospects with Unresponsive status):


Once you mark all the prospects that you want transferred, just select Actions → Transfer to another campaign. A new window will appear which lets you choose the campaign to which you’d like to transfer the prospect (you can also create a new campaign if you feel like they belong to a brand new campaign).

Once you transfer the prospects, they will appear in Prospecting tab (New contacts section) of the new campaign:


NOTE: If you create a new campaign for the transferred prospects, you'll have to craft an impressive recycling sequence or choose one of the ones you already have in place.

Now you need to schedule the prospects and voila - they will be scheduled in the campaign, and you'll be able to see if the prospects you had contacted in the past are interested in your product or service now!

Transferring from the Prospecting view

Sometimes when you generate prospects in Growbots, on the Prospecting stage you find some prospects that would be a great fit for a different campaign but not so much for this one. You can easily move them from here to Prospecting view in another campaign (so no charging yet). You can simply move, finish working on the current campaign, then go back to those moved prospects in other campaign and decide if you really want to schedule them.

You can simply transfer them (one-by-one or once you select a bulk) by clicking on an arrow icon, next to Accepting/Rejecting/Blacklisting options:

Happy transferring and we bid you success with new campaigns!

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