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Using custom fields allows you to easily personalize messages for your whole campaign, but what if you notice that some of the prospects might use even more references than the ones you chose for your template?

You may then use our Personalization feature available in the Preview & Schedule step of creating the campaign.


After hitting the Personalize button next to the prospect of your choice, you’ll be directed to the editing view where you can change the content of the single message.


On the left side of the screen, you will find a handful of information about the prospect and links redirecting you to web pages where you may see more useful data about both the prospect and the company. Based on all that, you may upgrade your message sent to this specific person, without changing the template for all the remaining prospects within the campaign.

You may easily switch over to another prospect by using the arrows above the name of the prospect. Don’t forget to save all the changes before changing the prospect or leaving the Personalize view.

Please bear in mind that after personalizing and saving the message with this feature, the email will be saved as the final version of the message, not a template with editable custom fields and you won't be able to apply changes to the email after you schedule the campaign.

Here you can read more on how to personalize follow ups and check some tips and tricks!

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