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A lot of people read cold emails, click on links you attach but never reply. That's a shame, isn't it? Don't underestimate the power of follow-ups. Put some extra energy into messages sent to people who reacted with your campaign and you'll be able to convince them to respond.

You can easily filter out messages scheduled to prospects who opened your messages or clicked on links in the Outbox section.

Then you have to follow some of these steps in order to attract your prospects and increase your chances to get warm leads:

1. Encourage the next open

You want to encourage the prospect to reply but to succeed, they need to open the next email as well. Try to make the opening line more personal, just like you'd email them yourself.

A. Mention their location

You can start the message with a simple question about the weather or recent event in the city where the prospect lives. It's a casual small talk that you would probably use while talking with your colleague and it doesn't require a lot of research but gives you some extra points.


B. Comment on their recent activity

Have they posted something interesting recently? Can you see that they're working on a specific project right now? Maybe they have a job anniversary or just started the new position.
This is something you can use to start a conversation. Remember to choose information which is relevant to your product or prospect's current situation. If you can continue the same subject in the pitch, that's even better!


C. Mention someone from their team

Show that you aren't sending emails out of the blue, but you know their company. You can mention the boss or teammates names and ask if they would be the better person to contact or ask for the referral. It's an easy way to show that you made an extra effort and make it seem more personal.


D. Make a social action before the follow-up

You can add this person on LinkedIn or like their recent Tweet. Thanks to that, when your name pops in their inbox, it will sound more familiar. Remember to keep it moderate. It may seem a bit desperate if you suddenly react to everything they post or spam them via multiple channels.

2. Adjust the pitch

If someone opened the message but never replied, most probably your subject line and the opening of the email caught their attention but the pitch wasn't convincing enough. How to tackle this one?

A. Check what the company does

It's possible that the company you're reaching out to does something very specific within their industry and the general pitch might not work for its employees. Show that you understand their business and mention how you can help them grow. You can use the case study of a similar company that used your product, add specific benefit applicable to their specialties or comment a news they recently mentioned on their website or social profiles.


B. Check prospect's responsibilities

If you're using a general pitch (save time & money), make it more specific and adjust it to prospect responsibilities. Acknowledge what they do on a daily basis and show how your product will fit in their workflow. Check what their goals at work are and what they try to improve to show them that your product is the right way to go. Junior and senior positions in the same department might be interested in completely different features and benefits.


C. Check technologies they use

Most people mention tools they use at work in their skills or you can find this information on the company website or job listings. Do you integrate with any of them? Have you noticed your competition on the list? Show the benefits of transitioning to your product and mention your advantages.


3. Slightly change the call to action

Make sure there's only one call to action in your emails and that it points to the specific action. If the CTA from your previous emails didn't work, you can try a more direct approach or suggest a different action. As an extra step, you can mention prospect's time zone or location when you suggest the time for the call.

That's it! Thanks to these tips and tricks you can highly increase your chances of getting a warm lead!

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