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The Outbox displays all messages scheduled for the future. Thanks to this feature, you can quickly check which emails will be sent on a specific day and personalize the content of all messages.

To open this tab, you need to go to ActivityOutbox. When you enter it, you'll see two sections: the timeline and a list of messages.

On the timeline, you can see how many emails are scheduled for a specific day. It's useful for planning your outreach and checking how busy your email accounts are.


Under the timeline, you will be able to see all your scheduled messages. We sorted them by their sending time, so that you can see them chronologically.


You can filter the messages with our filters, such as events, steps or campaigns, personalization and sending time. So, for example, if you want to see emails scheduled for the next few days and targeted to people who previously opened your emails you can select Sending time and Past events: Opened. It's very useful if you'd like to personalize the follow-ups to prospects who already showed interest in your emails. Since they checked out your messages, it would be a waste not to add something extra for them!


Do you want to personalize a specific message? No problem! Just select the name of the template or select the specific campaign and mark which step you'd like to adjust.


To personalize the emails, hover the cursor over the given email and click on the blue Personalize button. When you enter the personalization mode, you'll see all prospect and company details and prospect logs. Thanks to this information, you can make the email more relevant to the prospect (here you can find out more details about the personalization of the follow-ups).

You can easily jump to the next prospect by using arrows on your keyboard. Click on Save and go to the next prospect to save the changes and continue personalization for the next leads. All prospects for which the emails have been personalized will be marked on the list:

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