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Using Growbots during Coronavirus outbreak
Using Growbots during Coronavirus outbreak
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The Covid-19 outbreak is a tremendous challenge for most of the businesses worldwide and we're well aware that you may have some second thoughts about using our platform and carrying on with the outbound sales at this difficult moment. That's why we came up with a couple recommendations on how you may effectively use our tool to protect your business from the negative consequences of the current crisis.

Why continue outbound sales?

In the light of upcoming economic crisis, which is unfortunately forecasted by many experts, it is very important to stay proactive and visible among both your prospects and your current customers. Going off the radar now and letting them forget about you is probably one of the worst things you may do at the moment. It is very important to keep building your pipeline and staying top-of-mind right now, before the full crisis outbreak, so that once things are back to normal you still have an audience to work with.

Especially now, when in-person meetings are especially difficult or even impossible to hold, email outreach is one of the best and most cost-effective ways of keeping in touch with both your leads and current customers. lt is surely the most reliable channel of communication now, when people are mostly on home offices, away from their desks, phones and co-workers.

Should the messaging look different now?

In such a peculiar situation like the one we're all in at the moment, businesses should surely not pretend that nothing is going on and definitely not pitch their offering in the exact same way as before the pandemic reality. We strongly recommend to re-think your current campaigns and edit your messaging, while keeping the following on mind:

  • Remember that the epidemic situation refers to all of us and if you don't want your outreach efforts to be ignored or taken negatively, try to mention the current situation in your emails - they should resonate with what’s going on around the prospect.

  • Most of the businesses, regardless of the industry they're operating in, will now actively look for savings or additional revenue inflows - this is why you should try to outline those advantages of your product/service that actually save or earn money in the longer term.

  • While some prospects may take the regular outbound efforts as impertinent at the moment, they surely will appreciate your messages, if you provide some real value for them in these difficult moments - please think of what kind of free materials and help resources could be useful for your prospects now and include them in your emails (e.g. some on-line courses or webinars addressing the problems that your prospects might face in Covid-19 and home office reality).

  • In these tough times, it is also important not to overwhelm your prospect with your messaging - try to loosen the timing criteria for your sequence, so that the follow-ups don't go out too frequently (try not to send any follow-ups earlier than 4-5 days after the previous message). You might also think of limiting your sequence up to 3/4 steps maximum. You may always get back to these prospects once the times get better.

  • Next to changing the messaging itself, it could also be beneficial to change the targeting criteria for your campaigns - think which of your current customers have a stronger need for your product or service in pandemic situation (e.g. because of remote work)!

What if I don't want to send any outbound campaigns now?

If you’re still hesitant about sending any outbound communication now, please remember that you may always pause all your outgoing messages.

Please remember though that pausing your campaigns does not mean that your efforts at Growbots are on hold! This might be a perfect time for rethinking your current strategy, tweaking your templates and creating a couple of drafts of brand new campaigns, where you may still generate and preview new prospects that may wait there until the times get better. We also do recommend you to keep using your credits by exporting the lists that you’ll later be able to upload to Growbots to start a fresh campaign.

Last, but definitely not least, please remember that we're here for you! Whenever you feel that you'd rather discuss your current outbound strategy with someone or when you're simply not sure how to move forward with your current campaigns, please just let us know on our chat or write to your dedicated Strategy Consultant - together we'll surely come up with a plan which will help you keep your business growing!

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