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Using prospect's LinkedIn/Twitter profile for email personalization
Using prospect's LinkedIn/Twitter profile for email personalization
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Have you ever thought about how cool would be to personalize your emails with a human touch but in half the time? Have you seen something amazing on your prospect’s Twitter account and you’d like to share this with them? Or maybe there’s something on their LinkedIn profile that you’d like to mention?

Easy peasy! You can find links to most of your prospects’ LinkedIn and Twitter profile in our database:


With these links you can not only check out their profiles, but also use some info to make your emails more personalized. Using custom fields allows you to easily personalize messages for your whole campaign, but what if you notice that some of the prospects might use even more references than the ones you chose for your template?

In this article you can learn how to use personalize messages by using prospect's LinkedIn or Twitter profile:

Personalizing the messages

You may then use our Personalization feature available in the Preview & Schedule step of creating the campaign or in Outbox.


After hitting the Personalize button next to the prospect of your choice, you’ll be directed to the editing view where you can change the content of the single message.


On the left side of the screen, you will find a handful of information about the prospect and links redirecting you to web pages where you may see more useful data about both the prospect and the company. Right now, the initial message is able to be customized as this is the most important email to grab your reader’s attention. Based on all that, you may embellish your message sent to this specific person, without changing the template for all the remaining prospects within the campaign.

NOTE: Please note that after personalizing and saving the message with this feature, the email will be saved as the final version of the message, not a template with editable custom fields and you won't be able to apply changes to the email after you schedule the campaign.

If you want to read more about personalizing initial messages, check this article. If you would like to personalize the follow-ups, please check this one!

Examples of using prospect's LinkedIn profile

1. The pitch of your message may refer to the prospect's skills and tasks. Thanks to LinkedIn, you can find out exactly what your potential client is doing and what their business interests are. Try to use this knowledge when creating your campaign to provide prospects with benefits and suggest what your company can do to help their company. Here’s an example of such personalization:


2. Having your prospect’s LinkedIn profile link, you can view other people's profiles from the company. Try to look closely at the profiles of employees that your company can help. Also look at the Linkedin of the company you want to reach - maybe you will find something there that would be worth mentioning in the campaign? Make your prospect feel that you have carefully analyzed their company's tasks before sending an email. If you target smaller companies, you can contact CEO or someone from C-level and ask if specific person takes care of the area your company can help develop. You can also mention other employees’ from LinkedIn and e.g. ask CEO if you should contact person A or B. This way you’ll show your interest and make your first contact with the company, e.g.:


3. If you plan to send your campaign soon, go to your prospect’s LinkedIn profile and try to connect with them. Wait a few days and adjust the message depending on the prospect's response. Mention that you two have connected or that you have sent an invitation to connect. This way prospect will not only feel appreciated, but also will be able to view your profile and check out the company you’re working at. A good solution may also be to connect with the prospect during or after the campaign - mention it in e.g. second follow-up and connect as soon as you send this message. It's up to you! E.g.:


4. You can reference their previous positions they have held - this shows you really looked into them. It sounds much more natural if you add a reason why you think your prospect can be familiar with the subject.


Examples of using prospect's Twitter profile

4. As for Twitter, you can try to view the prospect's profile and quote it in the campaign. Has your prospect recently written something that has met with the reaction of many people? Everyone likes to remember their moments of pride - try to refer to the prospect's quote in the campaign. You can also read one of the articles they posted and refer to it. They certainly won’t miss your message! Here’s how:


5. You can react to your prospect's tweet or even reply to it during or after the campaign to draw their attention. Make them remember you! You can also check who they’re following and mention this people in your message.


6. Do you know that you can create your own custom fields in our app? Use your prospect’s Twitter ID as a custom field. Thanks to this prospect will know that your email to him is not accidental and that you have spent your time on doing research. It will also break the ice between you and your prospect.


None of us like to be flooded with mass mailing. Remember that the more specific and more extensive research you will make before contacting a potential customer, the greater the chance is that prospect will be a perfect fit. Email personalization isn’t just a way to make prospect come back to you with an answer, it’s also a chance for you to get to know as much as possible about the person you’d like to work with!

NOTE: Please note that it’s better to try LinkedIn/Twitter personalization for a small batch of prospects. Remember to personalize emails in one sitting of scheduling.

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