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The CRM is number 1 tool in any sales team, so syncing your other applications with it is a crucial step in automating the sales processes. Thanks to storing all the information about your leads in one place, you can easily navigate in your customer base and make sure your team doesn’t reach out to your customers or blacklisted people.

Connecting CRM to Growbots

We offer two native integrations, with Salesforce and Hubspot CRM. If you’re using any other CRM, you should check out our Zapier and BCC integrations.

Zapier is a platform that helps integrate over 1000 applications. It connects apps through 'Triggers' and 'Actions'. Triggers are activities that push data to Zapier and Actions are activities that should happen when Zapier receives the Trigger. Thanks to Zapier you can sync your CRM and much more applications with Growbots! If you haven't used Zapier before, check out our article for the first-time users.

You will find details on connecting Growbots with other apps through Zapier in the following articles. If you're using a different CRM - you can use our article on integrating Pipedrive as a guide to how you can integrate any other CRM.

However, Zapier integration doesn't track emails, so if you want to see your sent messages and prospects' replies in CRM, you need to set up a BCC integration.

To set up BCC integration:

  1. Go to your CRM and obtain the BCC email address. Here are guides on how to do that for popular options:

  2. Click BCC in the Add new CRM section.

  3. Paste in the address you received from your CRM and confirm by clicking Add.

NOTE: Some CRMs require you to add the email address to their system in order to accept emails from it. Make sure that all the addresses that you use to send campaigns from are added to the list.

That’s it! Once set up, the BCC will show up in the CRM section of the Integrations tab.

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