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Campaigns - FAQ
Campaigns - FAQ
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How can I pause a running campaign?

Go to the Campaigns section of the app, find the right campaign and click on Actions -> Pause.

How can I delete a campaign?

You can delete a draft campaign and archive a running one. To do so, go to the Campaigns tab, hover your mouse over a campaign of your choice, click on Actions -> Delete/Archive

You can read more about archiving the campaign here

Can I make a copy of a campaign?

Yes, you can clone it! Cloning the campaign means copying the target criteria. Find the campaign in the Campaigns tab and choose Actions -> Clone. It is impossible to clone an Import campaign, but you can copy the sequence and use it in a new campaign.

If I transfer a prospect to another campaign while the first campaign for them is running, will they still receive the messages from the first one?

They won’t. The original campaign is paused and they are moved to another campaign successfully. They are left in the original campaign as a reminder of the history of the prospect. Read more

How can I add a new step to a finished campaign?

Open the campaign and go to the Sequence section. Beneath your templates you can find an ADD STEP -> Email button. Click on it and start creating a new follow up to this campaign! Once you do that, all the prospects who already received all the previous steps will change their status to Manually paused. Save the changes and then filter the prospects in this campaign by STATUS -> Manually paused. Select them and click Actions -> Reschedule. The new step will be scheduled!

When I select a few email accounts as senders in a campaign, how is the app going to split messages among them?

Growbots is going to split the messages equally, so if you e.g. schedule 150 messages and select 3 email addresses - the system will send 50 messages from each email address.

What are the campaigns' average rates?

On average our customers achieve 33% open rate, 9% click rate, 6% reply rate and a 2% warm reply rate. The best practice is to measure the results after the campaign is finished. Read more

Can I exclude some job positions from targeting in my campaigns?

Sure! You need to type the position name or a part of it with a minus, e.g. “-junior”. You can use exclusions in location, advanced keywords and technologies as well. Read more

How can I check my results?

To do so, you need to go to Templates/Sequences/Campaigns view. You can check your open rate, click rate, reply rate and warm leads rate for each template, sequence and campaign. You can also check warm reply rate of your best template and best campaign on your Dashboard.

Moreover, you can download several different reports from your Dashboard. Read more

How can I find out when the next message in a campaign will be sent?

Open the campaign view, in the Summary tab there is a list of prospects where you can find Next Activity column. There you will see when the next message in the sequence is scheduled for every prospect. You can use an Activity filter to specify the time frame. Also, for the specific prospect, you can find this information in the prospect's details, in the Logs tab.

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