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Using your account - FAQ
Using your account - FAQ
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Which browser should I use?

We recommend to use Google Chrome browser. Using other browsers may result in errors in the interface which can disrupt your work.

I’d like to add my colleague to my account - is this possible?

Sure! If your contract allows you to have more than 1 user you’ll just need to go to Settings Organizations and add a user in Organization users section.

If you'd like to upgrade your subscription and add a user seat, you can do it yourself in Settings -> Billing. Read more

Who can I exclude with Do-Not-Contact list?

You can exclude selected prospects from prospect generation in Growbots by uploading a list of their email addresses and uploading them as a Do-Not-Contact list in Settings -> Exclusions -> Prospects.

You can also exclude whole companies by uploading a list of their domain names in Settings -> Exclusions -> Companies.

Do-Not-Contact list will not exclude imported prospects from being contacted, so if you e.g. have in your Do-Not-Contact list and you'll import a CSV file with email address to your project - this person will not be excluded. Read more

Can we have different tracking domains (CNAMEs) for different email accounts?

The Custom Tracking Domain setting works for the entire Organization, because some clients could be using email accounts with very different domains, but Unsubscribe/Click tracking/Open tracking links will always have the same domain. In order to have more than one tracking domain, it's necessary to have several separate Growbots accounts.

Which subdomain does Growbots recommend as a Custom Tracking Domain?

It’s up to you, and can vary on a case by case basis (because you may already be using a subdomain we suggest), but subdomains we recommend are: "track", "images", "img", "resources", "gb", so the final tracking domain will for example look like this: "".

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