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If you'd like to find prospects in our database and export them to a CSV file, you can create an export campaign. Just start creating a new campaign and choose the Export contacts option:

Then you'll be able to go through all the targeting steps to define the profile of your target companies and the specific people you'd like to extract from our database:

Finally, you'll reach the Prospecting stage, where you'll be able to generate prospects from our database and decide if they are the right fit for you or not. Initially, our app generates 50 prospects for you, but to see more you just need to click on Generate more prospects:

Once you've accepted a batch of prospects you'd like to download, just click the blue Export button on the right-hand side. Our app will start processing your request and extracting the data from our database. Once the export is ready, the download link will be sent to your email.

After you export the first batch of prospects, the campaigns changes its type from a draft campaign to a regular campaign - you can access it by going to the Campaigns section of the app and clicking the campaign's name.

When you come back to the campaign, you'll be able to view 3 tabs:

  1. The Summary tab, where you'll be able to view all the already exported prospects. Here you can also export them again by clicking the Export all button:

  2. The Prospecting tab, where you can generate and export more prospects:

  3. The Target tab, where you can adjust the targeting filters and change your target audience for this campaign. Remember to click "Save changes" after making the adjustments:

Note: remember that you can't add a sequence to an Export campaign and use our email automation tool within it. If you'd like to contact the exported prospects through Growbots, you can easily import the CSV file or transfer the prospects to another campaign.

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