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If you'd like to make sure that some people or companies are excluded from your Growbots campaigns, the best way of ensuring that is by uploading a Do-not-contact list to Growbots.

First, prepare a CSV file.

  1. If you'd like to exclude specific people, create a CSV file with a column named Email and containing the email addresses of all the people you'd like to exclude.

  2. If you'd like to exclude whole companies, create a CSV file with a column named Website and containing the list of domains of the companies you don't want to reach out to. Make sure the domains don't include things such as "https:" "//" or "www" - the domains should look basically like this: domain.com.

Once you have the file(s) ready, log into Growbots and go to Settings Exclusions. There you can choose between uploading a Prospects exclusions list or a Companies exclusions list:

Just pick the right option and upload the list.

Keep in mind that the file cannot be bigger than 4,8 MB.

You can read more about uploading the exclusions list in this article.

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