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Templates are singular messages you’re sending to your prospects. They can be linked into a sequence, which can then be sent to your prospects. To learn how to turn templates into a sequence, read this article.

  1. To create a new template, go to Messages Templates and click on Add new template.

  2. Name the template and decide whether it’s an initial message (first e-mail in a sequence) or a follow-up (one of the messages that follow the first e-mail).

  3. Insert the from field according to the sender’s name.

  4. If you’re creating an initial message, it will be sent in a new message thread.

  • In case of a follow-up, you can choose to send it in a new message thread or in the previous one, the one from an initial message. We recommend sending follow-ups in previous message threads.

Type in the subject line and body of the message.

We highly recommend using custom fields! You can learn how to use them and create new ones here. Conditions are also something you might find useful, you can find out more about them here.


What should my message look like?

Remember that each message should consist of the opening line, pitch and call to action. To be more precise:

  • In the opening line you want to touch base with the prospect, say something personal about them. Don’t start with introducing yourself or your company, focus on them.

  • Pitch is the opportunity to present the benefits of your solution, show how you can help the prospect solve their issue.

  • Leave instructions to your prospect, what can he do if he is interested in further communication make Call To Action. Suggest a time for a talk, or leave your Calendly link so that your prospect can schedule it himself. where you and the prospect can talk more about your offer, be direct and write only one CTA.

To find out more about creating templates, check out this article.

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