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To ensure Warmbots works correctly and we don’t bother you with automatic emails sent by Warmbots, you need to set up filters in your Gmail account. This will only take a minute - just follow the steps below.

  1. Click the Settings icon:

  2. Click See all settings:

  3. Switch to Filters and Blocked Addresses tab:

  4. Click Create a new filter:

  5. In the filter criteria, enter (Wbots) in the Subject field and click Create filter:

  6. On the next screen, tick the options Skip the Inbox, Mark as read and Always mark it as important, and click Create filter:


    Note: DO NOT tick the ‘Never send it to Spam’ box. Warmbots pulls messages out of spam automatically.

  7. Additionally, go to General settings and turn off Suggest emails to follow up:


That’s it - you are all set!

The Warmbots messages will include "(Wbots)" in the title, and will look a bit like this one:


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