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Here you can learn more about Sequences and most important aspects of modifying them:

Sequences - what are they?

Once you’ve created Templates of your outbound messages, it’s time to turn them into Sequences! Sequences are combinations of your Templates and are used to communicate with your prospects. There are two types of Templates you can craft in Growbots: Initial and Follow-up. Every Sequence has to contain an Initial message, adding Follow-ups is not mandatory, but highly recommended! You can add an unlimited number of follow-ups to your Sequences. Sequences are built on Steps (each of them is either an Email or a Task). The messages in your sequence can also be in different Variants. Each Sequence doesn’t have a limit on the number of Steps and Variants, both for Initial templates and Follow-ups.

How to create Sequences?

Follow the below-listed steps in order to create Sequences:

  • Head to Templates Sequences and click on Add new sequence -- a window will appear in which you’ll be able to select the name of the sequence as well as add new Steps.

  • To add an email template which you have created before and make it a part of automated sequence, just select Email option (you can also create a new template here if you don't have a ready one).

NOTE: Now, you can use our GPT Template Generator that will create effective emails for your prospects. You can just provide a company description and target audience, and you’re good to go! You can read more about it here!

Other categories of steps are Tasks, they have to be manually managed by you when added to a Sequence. If you want to read more about tasks, please check this article.

Adding next steps to the sequence looks exactly like adding the first one - just move to the bottom of the page and choose one of the available steps in Add new step section:

You can add as many templates as you want to your sequence, just remember to add them in the correct order - initial message and the serie of follow-ups - because the order cannot be changed afterwards in a simple way (choosing the right type of the Template while creating them is essential since you cannot use a Follow-up as an Initial message, and vice versa).

Select the time settings for each of your Templates (you are able to do that by choosing a template to add it to your sequence, and you can change them afterwards by just clicking on the step). While adding Follow-up Templates, a new option appears, which lets you choose after how many days you’d like the next message to be sent. Please check this article if you want to know more about the timing criteria.

You can also choose Optimize sending time for me option. Growbots will help you automatically optimize your campaigns by choosing the right timing conditions for initial message and follow-ups.


Once you’ve added a satisfactory number of Sequence steps to your Sequence, you can hit Save in the top right corner. Congrats! You’ve just created a Sequence! Now, you can go to Sequence view in the Templates section and see how many steps and Variants your Sequences have, as well as compare the performance of your Sequences:


What are Variants and why would I need them?

Variants are an essential part of A/B testing with Growbots. Adding Variants to your Sequences lets you compare different approaches and versions of your Templates in order to achieve the best results possible. Each Template has its own statistics, so you can easily see the differences in Open and Reply Rates and decide which Variant performs better. If you’ve already used the Templates to create Sequences before, while adding new Variants to your new Sequence, you can see how they’ve performed in the past and craft perfect Sequences.


You can also switch off some of the Variants you don’t want to use by clicking the blue button next to the Template’s name. You can always see the inactive ones by clicking the Inactive button.


How can I edit my sequence?

Adding and removing new steps and variants in the sequence

Remember that you can always edit already-created Sequences, add new steps and Variants, as well as activate/de-activate certain Variants.

When you add variants to already scheduled messages, they will be taken into account when scheduling next steps. So e.g. if you have 3 steps sequence scheduled and all your prospects have already received first step, you can add variant to step 2 or 3 - they will be taken into account!

When you add a step to already finished sequence, stopped threads will become paused (which means you can reschedule them and make those new messages go out).


After adding a Template as a Step to your Sequence, you can preview the message and edit the Template (please note that if you edit a Template in the Sequence view, the Template will be altered in all other Sequences as well!).

Changing the order of messages in the sequence

There is no simple way to change the messages order in the already created sequence. But there is a workaround which can be useful by doing that. What you have to do is:

  1. add the messages in the new order as a second variants to every message in existing sequence (create more steps if you have more messages in your order)

  2. switch off the old variants.


That's it, this way you can create new Sequences and edit the old ones to re-use them in your new campaigns!

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