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In My prospects section you may preview all the prospects that you’ve already contacted through Growbots.


Next to each prospect's name, you will see their Status. Here you can find out more about Statuses in Growbots.

Also, you can browse through all your prospects and find specific ones by filters, status tabs and filters:


There you can mark prospects perform many different actions with chosen ones, you just need to unfold the Actions menu (you can also export the marked prospects, clicking on Export button).

Once you click on any prospect name you will be redirected to Prospect's details. In the Info tab you will see all the essential information about the prospect (e.g. name, email address, LinkedIn profile etc.) and the company they're working (e.g. the number of employees, headquarter’s phone number, the list of technologies or direct links to the company’s website or its LinkedIn profile). In Logs tab you will see all the emails that were or will be sent to this prospect.


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