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When having multiple campaigns, it could be hard to manage them properly. That's why we have included some campaign management tools to make it easier.

You can see a list of all your campaigns and their statistics in the Campaigns tab:


There you can also enter every one of your already created campaigns or create a new one. Above the table you can always switch between the campaigns created by you, and all the campaigns in your Organization.

Filtering campaigns

Sometimes you may want to find a specific campaign or a list of campaigns with a specific common treat. That's where you may find filters and search bar useful:


The filters include:

  • Email account (choose campaigns in which emails are sent from a specific account)

  • Owner (choose campaigns created by a specific user)

  • Sequence (find all campaigns using a certain sequence)

  • Activity (filter campaign by last and next activity time range)

  • Status (filter all draft/active campaigns)

  • Strategy (find all campaigns created by using Persona-based, Import, Export, Transfer or Account-based strategy).

Above the filters you can switch between Current and Archived campaigns.

NOTE: You can't archive Draft campaigns, but you can delete them (unlike the active campaigns, which can't be deleted but can be archived).

Cloning campaign

Cloning a campaign will clone its target (not a sequence)!

If you want to create a campaign aimed at the same (or similar) target audience to some other of your campaigns, you should just clone it! The system will automatically create a new campaign with already put targeting Company and People targeting criteria (which you can easily adjust).

NOTE: The system will generate the prospects described by the same targeting criteria, but these won't be the exactly same prospects (as you can't generate the same prospect twice in Growbots)!

In order to clone the campaign, just unfold the Actions menu and click Clone:


NOTE: If you want to create a campaign with the same Sequence as some other campaign, just choose this sequence from the list on the Sequences step.


When you manage multiple campaigns, it's easy to get lost in navigation. That's why we created bookmarks. They will help you group your most important or most frequently used campaigns in one simple list:


Click on the campaign name and you'll be redirected to campaign summary. You can also add prospects to the running campaign from the Bookmarks view, using this button:


To add a campaign to Bookmarks, go to campaign list and click on the green bookmark icon next to the name of the selected campaign.


You can delete the campaign from Bookmarks by deselecting the green bookmark icon on in Campaigns or clicking on the grey bin icon in Bookmarks.


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