2024 in Growbots

A Year in Review

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New Year, new me! Or maybe… New Year, new features in Growbots? I know the start of the year can be a bit slow. After Christmas and New Year's Eve, it's not always easy to get back into routine. But we are not slowing down! We are coming to you with new features and improvements that we hope will change your experience with the app for the better.

Would you be interested in all the changes we implemented last year? Read about them here!

January 2024

📺 New Dashboard with Benchmark - the layout of the dashboard has changed, and we introduced Last week's statistics tile next to the Marketplace tile and a Benchmark tab on a common tile with statistics. Check it out here and let us know what you think: click!

Also, I can already tell you that we’re currently testing a few more things that will be available very soon. And what can I say… It’s just the beginning of the year. 😉

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