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A Year in Review

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New Year, new me! Or maybe… New Year, new features in Growbots? I know the start of the year can be a bit slow. After Christmas and New Year's Eve, it's not always easy to get back into routine. But we are not slowing down! We are coming to you with new features and improvements that we hope will change your experience with the app for the better.

Would you be interested in all the changes we implemented last year? Read about them here!

March 2024

🚦 Page Traffic and Page Traffic Change - you can now filter companies by their daily webpage visits, instead of relying just on an estimated page rank. Building upon SEMrush's page traffic data, you can also filter not just by companies' daily webpage visits, but also by their month-to-month changes.

☎️ Direct dials - we've got another small but long-awaited update for you: you can now filter prospects with direct dials directly within the campaign targeting! This functionality, previously limited to the Explore tab, is now seamlessly integrated into campaign targeting. Now, you can efficiently narrow down your prospects based on direct dials without switching between different sections.

📧 Email Service Provider filters - now you can exclude or focus on specific email receivers when generating new prospects! New filters (listed under website technologies) include:

  • Microsoft 365 Business Email (Outlook)

  • Google Workspace Email (Gmail)

  • Zoho Mail

  • Rackspace Email

  • Bluehost Email

  • Yahoo Email

  • Mimecast

  • Barracuda Networks

  • GoDaddy Email

  • PPHosted

  • OVH Email

  • Cloudflare Email

  • Amazon WorkMail

✅ DMARC record - app now feedbacks you on whether your channels have a valid DMARC record setup, and checks for SPF, DKIM & DMARC are visible by default to underline their importance. We also added a UserGuiding hotspot to help you understand what’s happened and what to do if your accounts suddenly were marked as a spam risk.

February 2024

📧 Gmail integration - so far, our Customers had to guess that connecting Gmail via IMAP/SMTP occurs via Other email integration, and it caused a lot of confusion. Now, we added a separate button for it, so it’s clear where to start if you want to use the warm-up feature to the fullest. If you wish to use Warmbots - our warm-up tool - make sure to connect your email with the first Google button (with IMAP/SMTP).

🏫 Expanded Database of Profiles: Profiles count increased to 188.3M, and Companies count increased to 12.7M - as of 10.02.2023, next refresh coming in ~ 3 months!

📱 Mobile app filter - we’ve just released a brand-new filter to both our All-in-One campaigns and Explore tab. You’ll find a mobile app filter in Company Website section that allows you to find companies that have their own mobile app. Let’s play with the target even more!

📈 Data update - this time we've extended the list of available Website Technologies with 505 more technologies, f.e.: Cloudflare Hosting; Office 365 Mail; U.S. Server Location; Google Apps for Business; Microsoft Azure DNS. It might be especially helpful if you’re having some deliverability issues.

🧭 Explore tab - now, the Explore tab is loading much faster! Here's the scoop - we've divided the loading process into two phases to enhance speed. By splitting the loading process, we've significantly improved the speed of accessing the Explore view, addressing previous slowdowns. Time is money, and we know how important each minute can be in the outbound world.

January 2024

📺 New Dashboard with Benchmark - the layout of the dashboard has changed, and we introduced Last week's statistics tile next to the Marketplace tile and a Benchmark tab on a common tile with statistics. Check it out here and let us know what you think: click!

💵 Hiring & Funding Data Update - 308,388 companies were updated in January. Changes consist of updated open positions, number of open positions, total funding & last funding.

Also, I can already tell you that we’re currently testing a few more things that will be available very soon. And what can I say… It’s just the beginning of the year. ;)

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