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A Year in Review

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Since 2023 is already finished, maybe you'd like to see the new features we're focusing on in 2024? Read about them here!

December 2023

It’s time to sum up the whole year! Oh, it was intense - that’s for sure. We introduced so many great features that are helping you with outbound every day. Our Product Team was sweating to deliver updates each month and make sure they turn out beneficial for you.

Here are some of the new features from the final month of 2023:

🤳 Sub-accounts: users with sub-accounts can now disconnect them from their account themselves in Concierge Dashboard.

🏢 Department Headcount filter: now, you can decide how many people from each department should be in companies you’re looking for. Targeting is getting more and more precise!

📮 AI Variant Generation: we know how important personalizing messages can be, and A/B testing is a great way to do it! Now, you can generate a new variant to any email step in the sequence and get email content generated with GPT, ready for testing & reducing deliverability risks by using multiple types of messaging content.

🎯 New dashboard: we’re also improving our dashboard, and adding there some cool features, but for now, I cannot tell you more about this - more info soon… 🤫 Stay tuned.

Thank you for this amazing year! We can't wait to see you in 2024 and continue our work in the world of outbound.

November 2023

📈 Even more expanded Database of Profiles: Profiles count increased by 2.3%: 187.7M, and Companies count increased by 4.2%: 12.5M - as of November 9th, next refresh coming in ~ 3 months!

October 2023

📠 Rescheduling improvement: things are changing for the better. When you adjust your daily sending limits, you'll be greeted with a sleek modal that offers you a one-click solution to reschedule your campaigns. Yes, you heard that right – one click!

🤸 AI onboarding: now, the AI will automatically suggest you your domain, so you don’t even have to copy a link to your website. Seems like a detail? Maybe, but it will definitely save you some time!

📺 Dashboard: for now, we present you a count of messages scheduled for the next 14 days and a handy Create new campaign button. And it’s only the beginning!

📱 Register page: register & login page for Growbots are now mobile-optimized. Now, when you visit our app from your mobile, you will be met with an adequate interface, and once you are in, the app will suggest continuing on desktop.

September 2023

📆 Rescheduling: we know how frustrating it can be when it’s necessary to reschedule many prospects. But there’s no need to worry anymore - we’ve got your back! Now, even if some prospects failed to be rescheduled, the process of rescheduling will proceed anyway. You will be aware of the situation right in the app, because a modal will show up, telling you how many prospects failed. You’ll be able to decide whether to proceed and grab a CSV list of those who need some extra attention. Also, if you decide to skip waiting for the timeline, we’ll shoot you an email with the number of failed prospects and that handy CSV list. That’s how you can focus on “troublemakers” while we take care of the rest of the prospects.

🏢 Out-of-office rescheduling: since we’re already touching the subject of rescheduling, we couldn’t stop ourselves from making this process even better! We’ve supercharged the automatic rescheduling of campaigns after an out-of-office reply. Previously, if there was a date in the email, we were rescheduling the campaign for the day after your prospect is back in the office. This is still working, of course! But, we’ve implemented something great - when there’s no date detected or an invalid date, you don’t need to sweat it! We’ll automatically reschedule the campaign for 2 weeks by default!

🏎️ Prospect search engine: our brand-new prospect search engine is here to make our Growbots tool even smoother! We wanted to make your experience faster and more stable than ever before. Seems like a little thing? Well, we believe making processes, that can be time-consuming, much faster, can actually save you a lot of time that can be used to contact prospects, reply to all warm messages and think about some catchy messages (though here our GPT Template Generator may help). And we all know - time is money!

August 2023

📝 Random condition: we’ve just introduced a new feature, available in Template Editor, called random condition, that is a form of Spintax. It improves your deliverability, as a list of words or phrases you put in this condition is being randomly selected while sending a message to a prospect. The less identical messages you send, the more natural your emails seem! Read more about it here!

🛫 AI-powered Onboarding: new users, after registering for a trial at Growbots, can be guided with the new onboarding in which the AI will help with the first steps of targeting and looking for perfect fits. Searching for prospects has never been that easy!

💨 Smooth app navigation: we want to ensure your experience is frustration-free, so no more slow statistics loading and long API calls! With optimized statistics caching, you’ll enjoy faster loading, and we’ve got your back with refreshed stats for campaigns (with over 50 messages sent).

🧠 GPT Template Generator: as previously mentioned, we were trying to improve this feature, and here we are now! Now, you’ll find a handy button right when adding a new step. Also, you can just provide a company description and target audience to move on! The generator will remember your previous inputs, but you can now re-generate the template. And last but not least - we’re giving you the power to fine-tune your templates with “Make it shorter,” “Make it more official,” and “Make it more casual” options. Sounds like a plan, right? You can find more information about it in this article: click!

⌛️ Exporting: we know how frustrating it could be when our Customers couldn’t find their exports in their inboxes. To make it easier for you, it’s now possible to download the export from the app in an Export Campaign! Also, we’ve optimized the exporting process to make it faster and more stable.

H1 2023

This year, we’ve been even more focused on delivering great features that not only enhance your everyday experience with the app, but also have impact on deliverability and results. Here are some of those already introduced:

📈 Expanded Database of Profiles: Profiles count increased by 7.5%: 183.5M, and Companies count increased by 6.2%: 12.0M - as of 08.10.2023, next refresh coming in ~ 3 months!

🚀 Warmbots for IMAP: email channels connected via Other (SMTP/IMAP) now not only send out Warmbots messages, but also receive and pull them out of spam and reply to them! This means we can warm up channels from any email provider to any other email provider, as long as they support SMTP/IMAP. If you wish to connect your Gmail account in this way - click!

📥 New Email Classifier: as mentioned last year, we wanted to introduce a new classifying algorithm with an auto-unsubscribe feature. We kept our word, and we come to you with this new feature that will automatically unsubscribe the prospect without your action needed, right when our classifier detects a removal request. You'd like to know more? Click here!

📑 AI Template Generator: no idea for a catchy message? No worries! We come to you with our new feature that, with a touch of ChatGPT, creates effective emails for your prospects.

Separate Sending Limits: it's now possible to set up separate sending limits for initial & follow-up messages. It’s a very good idea to set them up, because initial messages are more likely to be marked as SPAM, so it's best to avoid sending too many of them in one day, but with this feature you can make sure that still you reach out to new prospects each day! Read more about sending limits here!

🔍 Email Verifier: we introduced fixes and enhancements to our feature that lets you verify email addresses you’re trying to import to Growbots - let’s lower the number of bounced messages! Read more about importing prospects and verifying their emails here!

🛒 Prospects’ Cart: now, our users can save promising prospects for later before adding them to any campaign and using credits. Prospects can be added from multiple different places in the Explore tab. Also, the Cart is visible everywhere in the app, so you can easily check on who you added! Check it out here!

🚨 Sending limit emergency brake: we’ve enhanced our sending limits, so that they will not be exceeded in previously found edge cases. Prospects scheduled over the limit are automatically rescheduled upon meeting the sending limit. It helps with maintaining good deliverability!

📚 Onboarding process: our new users are now guided step by step through the process of getting familiar with the app. Just answer a few questions, and we’ll show you everything that is necessary to know before launching your first campaign.

💳 Downloading invoices and updating Tax ID: as many of our Customers requested, now it’s possible to manage it right from the app!

Smaller doesn’t mean worse - and we stick to that! Our ‘little’ improvements have a huge impact on day-to-day Growbots usage. These are the ones we often take from your feedback and implement to make life easier!

📠 Custom reports: you can now request a Custom report tailored to your needs with one click in the Dashboard view.

🏢 Refreshed Menu navigation: My Prospects & My Accounts were merged into My Contacts as two tabs.

📬 Shared Inbox with new info about prospect’s campaign and a hyperlink to it.

💬 New template view that is much more clear and easy to navigate in.

🎨 Registration page: we always appreciate keeping things clean and fresh, and it was time to change our registration page.

🕵️ Prospects in the Explore tab: we made some changes and now by default both All Accounts and All Prospects will display 50 records per page that should help with searching for some good leads. You can also change this number to 100 or 200 - take your pick!

⚡️ Faster loading in the Explore tab: now it’s taking less time to load prospects in the Explore view. Small thing? Maybe, but how much time it saves!

💰 Credits Purchases: most of our Customers can manage their subscription in the Billing view, and add there new products, but also doing one-time purchases, like additional credits! Now, they’re able to buy more credits while Prospecting and on Dashboard as well.

📝 Templates view: now while opening Templates tab, first you see the sequences. We also expanded our templates’ database to 23 examples of well-written email templates!

⏱️ Progress bar while loading timeline: not only we have introduced the % progress of timeline calculation, but also ETA for timeline calculation. As we say - go grab a coffee, and we’ll schedule your prospects for you!

📨 Maximum sending limit decreased to 500: it helps our users with deliverability, and that’s how we can make sure that all scheduled messages are being sent in one day.

🔐 Link with the new password: the activation link and reset password link validity time was reduced to 10 minutes, as we increase security of the app, and comply with the latest security best practices! Also, the min. password length is now 12 characters. But don’t worry if you miss the 10 minutes mark, you can easily request a new link upon entering the previous one!

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