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New pricing

Learn more about our new pricing - available from June 5th 2024!

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NOTE: This pricing is available from June 5th 2024. All subscriptions set up before this date stay the same, and these changes apply only to the new ones.

In Growbots, you can choose from 3 main routes, and personalize the plan according to your needs.

In the new pricing, we focus mainly on the outreach volume (number of messages you want to send). It means that you won't be limited with email channels or user seats - simply, the sending limits cannot exceed the number of messages you can send.

Let me tell you a little about each of these routes, so that you can find what works best for you!

Free plan

With this plan, you don’t pay us anything, but your capabilities within the app are limited. You’ll be able to:

  • use our warm-up tool called Warmbots (read more here!) and take care of your email’s reputation;

  • have 3 active campaigns;

  • see the Statistics & Benchmarking in the app;

  • add up to 5 steps in sequence;

  • see the Shared Inbox preview;

  • reach out to our support with no limits.

It might be a good idea to try Growbots with this particular plan, and find out if our app meets your expectations!


With this plan, you’ll have a lot of space for personalization!

First things first, you’ll be able to choose the feature packages (Starter or Pro). Make sure to choose wisely, as there are many useful features in the Pro package, that you won’t find in the Starter one, for example: the CRM integration or AI template generator.

Then, on the same step, you can choose your outreach volume and decide how many messages per day you’d like to send. The price will change immediately based on your choices:

On the 2nd step, you’ll have a chance to choose whether you’re interested in finding prospects in our database, or if you prefer to upload files with prospects from your own sources. If you decide to choose our database, it will be necessary to choose the number of credits (meaning: the number of prospects you want to contact).

NOTE: With the new pricing, credits roll over from month to month, so if you don’t manage to use them all in one billing period, there’s no need to worry! You’ll have a chance to schedule more prospects next month.

On the same step, you’ll need to choose (if you decide to use our database) whether you prefer to use the advanced filters or the basic ones that may help with the targeting.

The advanced filters contain additionally:
- Department headcount → you can filter prospects by the department they work in, and by a particular number of people in it. Basically, you can choose whether you want to see bigger or smaller departments.

- Funding → this filter allows you to search for companies that received external funding. You can also specify when was the last time the company received funding, what funding stage they are on and what was the amount of the funding the company received.

- Direct dials → you can decide whether you want to see only prospects with direct dials. This filter may help you see more accurate estimated number of prospects, and exclude those, for whom we may not have a valid contact information.

- Web technologies → this filter refers to the specific technologies or their versions that the prospect’s company website is built with. You can also filter companies by their Email Service Provider. You can exclude or focus on a specific email receivers when generating new prospects.

- Web traffic → building upon SEMrush's page traffic data, you can filter by companies' daily webpage visits, and also by their month-to-month changes.

- Has mobile app → this filter will let you see only these companies that have a mobile app - it might be very helpful and time-saving while looking for the right prospects.

Then, we get to the 3rd step where you’ll have a chance to choose any add-ons like Custom reports (read more about them here!), or Hiring data and intent filter. On the right, you’ll see the whole summary of your plan with the price. Keep in mind that you can save 14% with the annual payments!

That is how you can personalize the plan and create a unique solution for your needs!


With this service, we’ll take care of your campaigns, and you’ll be able to focus on other things. Read more here: CLICK!

We offer three tailored concierge packages to cater to your outreach strategy needs. They all allow you to send messages to many prospects across multiple email channels. Just let us know what your expectations are, and we'll find the right plan for you.

It is a perfect solution for those who prefer to focus on their tasks, and leave the outbound for real experts. Interested? Let us know via

You can also watch this video, where everything is explained step by step!

If you're interested in having a consultant, or have some questions regarding our pricing - just reach out to us at

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