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Templates & Sequences - FAQ
Templates & Sequences - FAQ
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How can I delete the step in a sequence?

If the campaign has not been already launched, you can delete step by clicking on trash bin button next to it.

There's no direct way to delete a step in a campaign that has been already launched (you can only delete a step in a draft sequence) - however, you can de-activate the step so that it doesn't get sent to anyone. Just click this Switch off variant button.

Then, you can click to Add message variant button in order to add a new version of this step.

Why sometimes I can’t delete a template in Templates view?

You can archive the template which is or was in use, but you can delete only Drafts - so the templates which have never been used. Read more

Can I attach a file to my message?

As for attachments, there's no way to add them directly to your email. However, you can send your prospects a link to e.g. PDF file uploaded to Google Drive or another server.

Can I add an image/gif to my message?

Sure! You will have to upload the image/gif to a hosting site, like Postimage, and copy the direct link to it. Then, when you are in the template edit view, you have to click the Image button. A window will pop up where you will be able to paste the direct link and adjust the size and other aspects of your image.

Here you can watch a tutorial video or read a detailed step by step guide.

What’s the difference between Template and Sequence?

Template (which can be an initial email message or a follow up email) is a single part of Sequence. Template is an individual message which is sent to the prospect, whereas a Sequence is a collection of Templates, including 1 initial message template and a number of follow up templates, arranged in a defined order and with specific timing criteria. Read more

Can I personalize messages?

Of course you can! We highly recommend email personalisation. You can both use already existing custom fields or add your own, which turn into personalized information in the message.

Moreover, you can edit all the messages before sending them out! You can find all the scheduled messages in the Activity -> Outbox section of the app, where you can edit every single message that you have scheduled. Read more

How are the links in my messages generated?

The links in your messages are generated by Growbots app and will automatically link to Growbots servers, so that we can track them, and then they will redirect to the final destination link.

I have created a template, but I can't add it to my sequence - why is that?

This most likely means that you have created a template of the wrong template type. Under the name of the template, you can specify the type of the template - whether it's an initial template or a follow-up template. Keep in mind that you can use the initial templates only as Step 1 in your sequences, and the follow-up templates can be used as the subsequent steps.

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