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Prospects - FAQ
Prospects - FAQ
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How long does it take for the system to mark the prospect Unresponsive?

Our AI will mark a prospect “unresponsive” immediately after the campaign has completely finished and the person has not responded. The status will update to “cold reply” or “warm reply” if the person ever responds to the last message.

If my prospect replies, I don’t want to send any more follow ups to them - how can I stop them?

You don’t have to worry about it - the sequence is automatically paused for the prospects who replies. Qualifying/unqualifying the prospect will also pause the campaign. Read more

What actions pause the campaign to a given prospect?

The prospect is paused after:

  • the prospect replied,

  • the prospect unsubscribed,

  • you paused them manually,

  • you marked them or their company as qualified/unqualified,

  • you archived their campaign,

  • you added a new step to a finished sequence (the prospect will change the status from "unresponsive" to "manually paused"),

  • if you have your CRM integrated - prospects may be paused due to their status being changed in your CRM, if that's how you set up your integration.

What happens when I delete a prospect?

That prospect’s history will be wiped from your account and you will be able to generate them again. You will not be refunded when you delete a prospect. It is best practice to only use delete when needed. If you would like to send this person a different message, simply transfer them to another campaign.

I found a prospect who fits my other campaign - what should I do?

You can easily transfer them to another campaign. To do so, you need to accept them, open the campaign in which they were accepted and choose Actions -> Transfer to another campaign. Read more

How can I export the list of prospects I’ve generated if I don’t want to send messages right away?

To generate prospects directly to export, you need to choose the Export contacts campaign. If you want to export prospects that you have generated in a new campaign without launching it, you have two options:

1. You can transfer the prospects to a new campaign and create an export campaign for them, or

2. Launch a campaign to them for a future date (e.g. in 2 weeks). Then, go to the Campaign summary and pause these prospects. If you select them again, you should be able to see the Export button to get them exported.

If you want to Export any prospects from the Campaign summary view, just select them and look for the Export button. Read more

How can I check if my prospect opened my message?

Please find this prospect on your account and check whether in the Open column you see the blue eye symbol. It means that your mail has been opened.

Also, you can check which mail has been opened in the sequence. After clicking on the prospect name you'll see the Prospect details and in the Logs tab there is the sending history with the results of open tracking at every message. Remember that open rate is a vanity metric and tells you only how good your subject and opening line are.

Moreover, keep in mind that you need to have open tracking turned on in your Settings -> Organization in order to monitor open rates. Read more

Is there a possibility that I generate the same prospect in another campaign?

There's no chance you generate the same prospect twice on one account, and even if you import your own contacts, Growbots will ask you specifically if you do want to import them. The only exception is when you delete the prospect or delete the campaign some prospects are in - then it will be possible to generate those prospects again. Read more

Can I generate more than 50 prospects?

If you want to add more prospects in the Prospecting section of a campaign, simply click on the Generate more prospects button.

Where can I generate my prospects?

You need to choose Find new contacts while creating a new campaign. Next, you should set up the target criteria according to your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP). After defining your target, the system generates prospects for you. If you want to generate more prospects, click on the Add prospects -> Generate. Read more

If you already have a campaign running and you'd like to generate more prospects, just go to the campaign, switch the tab to Prospecting and click the Generate more prospects button.

I have my own contacts - can I contact them via Growbots?

Sure! All you need to do is prepare a CSV file with their email addresses and start a campaign using the Use my own contacts option in the campaign creator, or go to an existing campaign into Prospecting and click the Generate more prospects/Add manually button. Read more

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