Where do I connect my email account?

You need to go to Setting Integrations Add new email account. If you use Gmail, simply choose Gmail option, and if you use Outlook - choose Outlook. If you use any other email provider - choose OTHER. First, the system will check the setting prepared for your email provider. Read more

Are there any daily sending limits?

You can set up your daily sending limits for each of your email account connected to Growbots in Settings Integrations Email accounts Actions Edit Settings.
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How many messages should I send daily?

We recommend not to send more than 150 messages a day per one email account. Email providers set a limit of messages that can be sent out within a day (in Gmail it is about 200 messages overall). This aspect is also crucial to protect your domain reputation. Read more

How many email accounts can I connect to my Growbots account?

The number of email accounts that you can connect depends on the type of plan that you have purchased with Growbots - Outreach and All-in-One packages originally have only one email account included, PRO plan has two email accounts per user seat (6 altogether). If you need more email accounts connected, you can upgrade your subscription in Settings -> Billing or by writing to us at customers@growbots.com.

When I change my daily sending limits, does it have impact on the running campaigns?

To adjust the running campaigns to the new sending limits, you need to reschedule them. When you change the limit, our platform will ask you if you'd like to reschedule your prospects, which will adjust your timeline with regards to your new sending limits.

If you don't do it that way, you just need to go to My prospects, use the Step -> In progress filter, select all the "In progress" prospects and click on Actions -> Reschedule. Read more

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