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Solutions to frequently encountered situations
Solutions to frequently encountered situations

Smooth sailing through Growbots app: expert solutions for everyday challenges!

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Sometimes, the app might seem a little confusing, and we understand that it can be challenging to find a solution. I have something for you — let's check if other Customers also face your issue. I gathered some cases that show up most often, so perhaps you'll manage to find your answer here. If not, remember that you can always reach out to us (on live chat or via, and we'll be happy to take a closer look!

If you wish to go straight to your case, check them here:

1. The timeline shows “red bars” after changing the daily sending limit.

  • Possible reasons:

Did you lower the sending limits recently?

  • Possible solution:

Go to My Contacts tab → choose filter Status In progress then, mark all prospects → go to Actions Reschedule.

2. Growbots is sending random, absurd messages.

  • Possible reasons:

Most likely, this is related to Warmbots - do you have the Warmbots turned on? You can check that in the Warmbots dashboard. If so, did you set up the filters in your inbox?

The reason could be a GlockApps test as well - did you perform such a test recently?

  • Possible solution:

Is there (Wbots) in the subject of this message? If so, this is a Warmbots’ message. Make sure you have the filters set up according to these instructions: Gmail, Outlook, IMAP/SMTP.
Warmbots is our very own, free of charge warm up tool, which you can use to automatically warm up your inbox, improve your sender reputation, and, effectively, improve your deliverability (check it out here: click!).

3. Can’t connect Outlook email account.

  • Possible reasons:

To connect an Outlook email, it’s necessary to be logged into this account in Outlook on the same device while connecting it.

  • Possible solution:

Log into the account you’d like to connect on Outlook’s page. Then, try again to connect the email to Growbots (check an article on how to connect your email here).

4. Can’t change my first and last name custom fields.

  • Possible reasons:

You are using the Outlook integration, and Outlook doesn’t allow modifying the first and last name in the Growbots settings.

  • Possible solution:

You need to adjust the first and last name in the Outlook settings. It will probably be necessary to re-integrate the account with Growbots. Check out this instruction!

5. Unsubscribe link it not working.

  • Possible reasons:

You sent a test message - then, the unsubscribe link won’t work.

The link is not set up by our custom field (maybe it was copied from a different email automation tool).

If a prospect reports it’s not working - perhaps they just clicked the link, and didn’t confirm in the second step.

  • Possible solution:

Check if the link in the templates is from Growbots custom field. Also, if the information about the issue came from your prospect - unsubscribe them manually. You can send a test campaign to yourself to see if the unsubscribe link works. See how to set up the unsubscribe link in this article: click!

6. Wrong subject line and custom field data.

  • Possible reasons:

You sent a test message.

When you send a test message of a follow-up template, its subject line will be “subject from previous thread”.

In the test message, the custom fields will be filled with random data.

  • Possible solution:

Was the issue found in a test message? To be 100% sure the sequence looks good, you can send a test campaign to yourself by adding yourself manually as a prospect. Just enter the campaign → switch the tab to Prospecting → click Add manually.

7. Text formatting problems in a template.

  • Possible reasons:

The text was copied from a different source.

  • Possible solution:

Check the template, try to select the whole text and set up one format for it.

Try the “Clear format” button.

Check the HTML source of the template.

Send a test message to yourself.

8. You don’t see the image uploaded to the template.

  • Possible reasons:

http:// - this link type is usually causing the issue. This kind of link won’t be visible in the template editor, but should be visible in the actual message.

https:// - with this link, it will be possible to see the image in our template editor.

  • Possible solution:

Check the link in the template.

Send a test message to yourself to see if it’s working.

Check how to add an image to the template here.

9. Too few prospects generated in the target.

  • Possible reasons:

Too specific targeting criteria.
NAICS codes used in targeting.
Too specific keywords.
Too few keywords.
Several filters almost exclude themselves.
Prospects generated in another campaign already or blacklisted.

  • Possible solution:

Check the campaign and see if changing the targeting filters a bit lets you generate more prospects. Read more about our targeting recommendations here!

10. I can generate fewer prospects than the estimates show.

  • Possible reasons:

Estimates are not accurate - they are estimated by our app, so they are a rough figure.
They don’t take into account prospects being generated in other campaigns.
They are counted before verifying email addresses.
They don’t take DNC list into account.
They don’t take the “number of prospects per company” filter into account.

  • Possible solution:

Tweak the targeting filters a bit and increase the “number of prospects per company” filter. Also, check the point above!

11. Can’t upload a Do-Not-Contact list.

  • Possible reasons:

The list lacks email addresses (if it’s a Prospects DNC list) or domains (if it’s Company DNC list).
The header Email/Website is incorrect.
The file is larger than 5MB.
There are empty rows.

  • Possible solution:

Once again, check its size and headers to see if they’re correct.

If the file is too big - split it into smaller files.
Make sure the file is created and added according to this instruction.

12. Failed to import a CSV file.

  • Possible reasons:

The file lacks essential information, which is email address.

The file is too big (more than 5MB).

The file was mapped incorrectly.

The file includes empty rows.

  • Possible solution:

Check the file again to make sure it contains essential information, doesn’t have more than 20k rows or 5MB, and was mapped correctly (every column from the file should be mapped with the same/similar field in Growbots). Check this article to make sure it's done properly.

13. Imported prospects have wrong data.

  • Possible reasons:

The CSV file was mapped incorrectly.

  • Possible solution:

Check if all necessary columns and information are there, like in the point above.

14. Wrong company data for imported prospects.

You uploaded a CSV file and mapped it correctly. All prospects with i.e. address are assigned to the same company. That’s because the system groups prospects in companies by their company domain – if there is none, the system takes domain from prospects’ emails. In that case, once you uploads one company name (e.g. Growbots) for the prospect, we will assign each prospect to the same (first uploaded) company name.

  • Possible reasons:

There is no “Company domain” column in the file.

The “Company domain” column is not mapped correctly.

  • Possible solution:

Check the file, and check if every prospect has a separate company domain field, try to upload the file again with correct mapping (every column from the file should be mapped with the same/similar field in Growbots). Also, check this article to make sure it's done properly.

15. The app generated a blacklisted prospect.

  • Possible reasons:

The DNC list was uploaded after the prospect was generated.

The prospect works for a different company or changed the email address.

  • Possible solution:

Check the prospect’s details and check if they are blacklisted. If so, check if the data is correct.

Make sure the file was uploaded after blacklisting this prospect.

16. Prospects scheduled for a distant date.

  • Possible reasons:

Daily sending limits are full in the upcoming days.

The time criteria set up for the steps of the sequence are very strict, so it’s difficult for the app to find the right slot for the messages.

Even when send next message on the nearest free sending slot option is enabled, the daily sending limits and time criteria are taken into account.

  • Possible solution:

Check if the timeline is full.

Check the time criteria in the sequence. If they are very strict - perhaps change them to give the system more "flexibility" in scheduling messages.

You can also increase daily sending limits (if they are low and reputation in the Warmbots dashboard looks good - read more about it here).

In order to prioritize the new campaign, pause all the other campaigns, schedule the new one and then unpause the other ones.

17. Incorrect message timing.

  • Possible reasons:

Weird timing conditions set up in the sequence.

Send next message on the nearest free sending slot option is chosen.

The prospects are in different timezones, so the messages are sent in their respective timezones, but the app shows them according to the your timezone.

  • Possible solution:

Check the time criteria set in the sequence.

Check the prospect’s timezone.

Check if the prospect was imported. If so, it’s necessary to include the timezone in the import file, otherwise our app thinks they are in PST timezone.

18. Issues with CRM integration.

  • Possible reasons:

Wrong integration settings.

The integration happened after the action took place.

Some issues on CRM's end.

  • Possible solution:

Check the integration settings.

Check the integration logs to see if the prospect is there - if not, possibly the integration happened after the prospect’s action.

19. Front-end problems.

  • Possible reasons:

You are not using Chrome.

Temporary front-end glitch on our end.

Specific issue on your device or in the your display settings.

  • Possible solution:

Try to use Chrome.

Clear cookies & cache.

Try on a different device.

20. Problems with transferring prospects between campaigns.

  • Possible reasons:

Are you aware that when you transfer prospects, they land in New contacts in the new campaign?

Are you aware that until prospects are scheduled in the new campaign, they remain present in the original one?

  • Possible solution:

Check if the prospects are not in the New contacts section in the Prospecting tab of the new campaign.

Make sure these prospects are scheduled in the new campaign.

21. Can’t add an additional user to Growbots.

  • Possible reasons:

The subscription doesn’t allow adding more users.

The user was at one point added, then was deleted (on this or another account).

  • Possible solution:

Check if the subscription allows adding another user in the Settings → Billing. If so, proceeding with adding it.

22. Email is disconnected.

  • Possible reasons:

You changed password for your email account on email provider's page.

You added 2-Factor Authentication recently.

Email was blocked by email provider (for example, because of SPAM issues).

Other temporary issues.

Issues with the integration.

  • Possible solution:

Did you change password or added 2-Factor Authentication?

Delete and re-add the account.

Check IMAP/SMTP settings (if it’s an email added with Other button).

Did you get notified about a suspension of the account? If so, unblock it according to the instruction you'll find on your email provider's page, and re-add the account to Growbots.

23. Can’t connect email account via IMAP/SMTP.

  • Possible reasons:

Wrong email address/password.

Wrong IMAP/SMTP usernames/ports.

2-Factor Authentication is turned on.

It's an alias email account.

Some IMAP/SMTP restrictions on email provider’s end.

  • Possible solution:

Double-check the password.

Check recommended IMAP/SMTP settings online.

If it's a Google account, make sure you're adding it according to this instruction.

24. A lot of bounced emails.

  • Possible reasons:

Email got blocked or had a temporary issue.

You have ongoing deliverability problems.

They are imported prospects - then it might be the fault of the data quality.

  • Possible solution:

Check email connection.

Check the source of the prospects.

Was your email blocked?

If the account is not blocked - perform a GlockApps (within the app) or MailGenius test.
If you're struggling with your deliverability, follow the advices from this article.

25. The prospects have sending errors.

The sending errors appear when there are some issues with the synchronization with sender's outbox, so the message couldn’t be sent.

  • Possible reasons:

The email account was disconnected from Growbots.

Email got blocked by your email provider.

Temporary app issue.

  • Possible solution:

Check the status of the email account. If it’s disconnected - reconnect.

Sometimes it’s just a temporary error.

Send a test message to yourself to see if it's being sent properly.

26. Deliverability issues.

  • Possible reasons:

Technical setup not finished - DNS records are not added for your domain.

No unsubscribe link/text.

Daily sending limits too high.

Email account not warmed up.

“Spammy” language is being used in your messages.

People mark messages as SPAM - bad targeting, sequence needs polishing.

  • Possible solution:

Make a GlockApps (within the app) or MailGenius test to see if deliverability is bad.

Check if all DNS records are in place (according to this instruction).

Check the sending limits, content of the messages, if the unsubscribe text/link is there (see our technical recommendations here: click, and tactical advices: click!).

Use Warmbots (check it out here).

27. Replies not detected in the app.

  • Possible reasons:

The prospect replied from a different email address.

The message was moved to another folder i.e. SPAM folder.

The message was deleted by you.

Email account was disconnected while the prospect replied.

  • Possible solution:

Check the prospect’s logs to see if the reply is there.

Do you have a forwarding in the inbox, or did you do something with the message during 5 minutes after receiving the message?

Is it an Outlook account connected through Other button? If so, connect through Outlook native integration (check the instruction here).

It's entirely possible that your issue stems from a different source not covered here, or perhaps your specific case isn't listed. In such instances, please don't hesitate to reach out to us through our live chat or via, and we'll provide our assistance. While the common cases are outlined here to offer guidance and expedite the search for answers, if you can't find the information you need, we're here to step in and assist you further!


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